Thursday, September 8, 2016

Kinda Slow Goin'

Things have been pretty slow around the ole' boat shed lately. I'm still waiting on the engine to be finished it's service and the stainless for the rudder was just cut yesterday (supposedly).

This morning I only had a few small things to do. I cut & fitted the tray that'll go under the engine.
Catch tray fitted under engine.
That got a layer of glass from the 'offcut bin'. Dunno what weight it is, 18 oz maybe.
Glass on the tray waiting for epoxy.
I next had to change out a pulley I had on the boom setup. Originally had just a rope pulley but that wouldn't be good enough to hold the weight of the engine so I swapped it out for an 8000 pulley.
8000 lb pulley ready for action
Also had to hook up a rope pulley to help manage the boom. It'll control the slew as I pick up the weight. It'll naturally, because of the angle of the gin pole, want to swing into the boat so the rope will be able to control that.

Too hot in there now. More tomorrow.


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