Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Lil' Engine

Brought the lil' huffer, our diesel, home from the marina yesterday. Their mechanic up and quit before the service was finished. Just as well. I now know the fuel injection pump requires service. I think it's better to wait until just before I have to fire it up to have that serviced. I'll likely sit in the boat for another 3 yrs at least w/o running.
Our lil' Yammy at home in the shed for the first time
At least the engine is one step closer to getting in the boat. A few minor things I'd like to do to it before I lift it in. Maybe this weekend. Will probably need another body to help.

Had to open up one of the shed doors to back the trailer in and offload the engine. This is what I found inside! :-)
Captain! There be whales here!  :-)
I have to admit. It really is impressive when you get to stand back and see all of it, well sorta all of it! :-)

This pic is from the other day. The wedge of white oak I mentioned that'll go under the keel and between the skeg.
Skeg wedge
I'm going to try to get the skeg installed next week. After that I'm off to Grande Prairie to meet my first Grandson, Connor Daniel Laporte!  :-)  I'll have one more week off when I get home then it's back to work for the gubment so that marks the end of boat building season.  :-(


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