Thursday, September 22, 2016

More Bits & Pieces

Spent part of the morning drilling holes in the skeg for the pintle bearing.
Holes drilled for Pintle Bearing
I must be getting good at this drilling stainless stuff. All 4 holes took me less than 20 mins. Trick is to drill slow and lots of downforce! Oh yeah, plenty of cutting oil helps a lot too!
It Fits!
It even fits! I love it when a plan comes together. Next step was to crawl under the boat and line this thing up. In and out, up and down, I must have been in and under the boat 25 times. Definitely a job needing an extra set of hands. Anywho, drop the backing plate in and a couple of bolts. Crawl back under and put the nuts on. Fack! Backing plate is upside down, none of the holes line up! Fack! Do it all over again tomorrow.

Got a call at lunch to go see the Machine Shop guys about the rudder. Just had to finalize a few details.
Flanges welded on, ribs laid out ready for welding
Matt, the guy in the machine shop is a decent fella. Think he enjoyed this little distraction from the day in day out doldrums of working on broken farm equipment! :-)
Cutting key way in rudder shaft
Little lathe work on the mating flanges
Rudder should be done this afternoon.


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