Friday, September 16, 2016


That was a common response from the ole' fella's when one of us young punks asked a question. RTFM!!!  (Read The F*cking Manual). Ain't nobody got time for that nowadays! ;-)

Anyhow, I did read the instructions for the Python Drive. It just happened to be about 6 yrs ago! ;-)  The date on the invoice for the unit is December 10, 2009 so this thing has been sitting in my basement for that long now.

Thanks to 'Eagle Eye' Peter on the forums for spotting the mistake. Good catch Peter!
Instructions on hand! Check!
As above I had the rubber thingies on the wrong side of the backing plate thingy. Once I saw the instructions "KaChing!" datz it!
Proper Fitted Python Drive
Once that was done I hauled it all back out and sanded the area for more fillets & taping. Then proceeded to do the ugliest fillets & taping so far. So bad I refuse to take pics & post them here. *ashamed*

Back to the machine shop to check up on the rudder. As of yesterday nothing had been done in almost 2 months. If it's not started today I'm bringing it all back home and looking for another shop that can deliver.