Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Added a few features

I added a Wishlist for the boat the other day. Not everything on this list will be required before the boat goes in the water. Just some forward thinking and dreaming. We'll outfit the boat as we go and get what we need when we can afford it. I found a way to embed an online (Google Docs) spreadsheet in a blog page.

This got me thinking. I had a spreadsheet online for a couple of years before the company pulled the pin and was looking for a solution. I followed the same process as the wish list and was able to import my "Spent to Date" and publish it on the blog.

The 'Spent to Date' spreadsheet is more complex and has a number of tabs broken out by category. You can see the links for the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet. In a lot of instances these are estimates of what we spent. I never originally intended to keep a spreadsheet, it just sort of evolved that way. I do have all the receipts and import docs showing tax paid etc. but used a formula to calc average associated costs. There are also instances (many) where I entered costs in USD and then added the exchange rate later so the total cost is going to be somewhat lower than the figure indicated.

I'm sorry, the 'Spent to Date' spreadsheet isn't very pretty right now but I'll work on that.