Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's day to me! :-)  Miracle of Miracles the Princess Auto Father's Day flyer finally showed up in my email. Went to see the Admiral and said: "I been thinkin'!"  This usually results in her replying: "Uh oh!"  To which I replied: "Seeing as it's Father's Day and the Princess Auto flyer just happened to arrive I think I should treat myself to a quick trip to see what they got!" To which she replied: "You're not going unsupervised."  So away we went!

The intent was to pick up an inline air dryer (desiccant) and some gizmo's for my primer rig.
I got this HVLP spray gun from TCP Global on eBay. It was the only one I could get with a 2.0 nozzle suitable for the primer. Every place I looked around here topped out at 1.5 which is just a wee bit too small for the high build epoxy primer I will be using. It wasn't overly expensive. With shipping and taxes probably $70. The sprayer stand was another $15.

An while wandering the many isles of manly man cave stuff I spotted this lil' gem. Made in China (figures) and will likely die a horrible death at my hands but..........
Now I had not originally intended to buy it, honest but the sale price of $40 was too good to pass up. A small gamble at this point in the game. If it's a POS well I won't loose much. I can probably get half that back at the 'End Of Boat Building Shed Sale'.  :-)  We'll see how it does. It'll max out my compressor so duty cycle will probably be pretty short, couple of minutes tops before I'll have to pause for the compressor to charge up again. I've got enough pressure just not quite enough volume of air to keep it moving constantly.

I've dress the fabric edges where they overlap the chine onto the bottom panels. I've got a bit more sanding to do along the keel overlaps and I'll be ready to spread the rest of the Quikfair on the bottom. I picked up my order of 3 gallons on Saturday. That stuff is spendy but I'm paying for the convenience I guess.

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