Monday, June 30, 2014

More hands make light work

A couple weeks ago I put an ad on some Facebook pages. It went something like this.

"Do you have an able bodied teenager sitting in your basement playing video games all day and raiding your fridge?  I have need of one to help me with a project."

I got a response back within' 10 minutes. "You've described my kid to a Tee!" "When can he start?"

The deal was struck. The kid was conscripted into sanding service. A date was set and today was that day! Welcome Thomas my new boat shed helper.

I gave him a 5 minute intro into the fine art of sanding fairing compound and let him loose! He jumped right into it. A little awkward at first getting used to the ole' electric RO but he caught on pretty quick. There was no mercy. It was hot when we started and only got hotter. We did manage to work almost 5 hrs on the boat before it was too hot to spread more compound so we called it a day. He'll be back on Wednesday for more sandinsanity!