Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Had to take a wee break

Saturday our Ginger Moggy, Squirt, got into some trouble necessitating a late hour trip to the animal hospital. I had noticed he was acting strange and caught him earlier in the day trying to take a dump on the front porch. I though he was just being a jerk. Later on I saw him again hiding in the basement acting strange. I mentioned to Lori to keep an eye on him. She later found him upstairs frothing at the mouth and poop coming out of him. We rushed him to the vet where the Doc determined he had a bowel obstruction. Long story short, two days in animal hospital, multiple enema's, Xrays & 'The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate' procedure and $1100 later he's back home, almost normal.

I took some more time to deal with a few issues I've been putting off. Rearranged some finances and paid off the Jeep. This will free up some cash flow for boat stuff etc. Managed to get back to the boat this morning. I picked up some 3M dry guide coat and gave it a try.
The stuff is a bit messy. I'm guessing but I'd say it's nothing more than carbon black applied with a sponge applicator. It does do what it claims to do. Once sanded it'll highlight the low spots.
In some areas you can read it fairly well and keep sanding till it's gone. In others you can also tell if it needs more filling. I used my straight edge & feeler gauges and found most of these low spots to be less than .001" deep. You can't see them with the naked eye without the guide coat nor can you feel them .
I've moved onto the next smallest grit, 80,on the Flexicat's. It means a bit more sanding but the surface is getting smoother and smoother all the time. And now for your viewing enjoyment, I know you're sitting on the edge of your seats holding your breath so here it is, another sanding video! Yeah! Let 'er rip!