Saturday, June 28, 2014

Now this really blows

Literally! So I'm sanding away yesterday and by noonish the temp in the shed reaches 85 F. Add another 10 degs up on top of the boat and that's pretty warm. So I thought to myself, it'd be nice to have a fan up here. I've done it before with the large shop fan but that was overkill. So online shopping I go at lunch time and Canadian Tire, Lowes, Home Depot etc. Found this lil' character and others exactly like it under different brand names.

They sell in the States for $50 USD at Lowes. We cross often so that's an option. Browsed over to Canadian Tire and they had them on sale for $63 Cdn. If you figure in the gas, bridge toll, NYS sales tax and exchange rate (plus you pay HST tax on it coming back across the border) the difference was negligible buying it at Canadian Tire so off I went.

I read all the online reviews. It rates pretty high in most cases. Good airflow. Quiet. Durable. After having used it in the shed while sanding on top of the boat today I'd say it's a good choice. You can tag it along behind you and it keeps you cool and blows the sanding dust away from you. We'll see how well it lasts in that environment but I think it'll work well.

The bottom panels have all been fill/faired once. I think one more go-ground with the Flexicats and that will be done and ready for primer. My lil' buddy shows up day after tomorrow to sand the keel. One step closer!