Friday, June 6, 2014

Feeling the affects of

advancing decrepitude. *sigh*  When I took my tumble down the stairs two years ago I also pulled something in my back. It didn't seem to be a pressing issue but it's kicking up more and more lately. I need to peel off some beef, I know that.  I dread having to climb up on top of the boat do do the fairing and sanding. It just kills my back & knees. Boy, getting old suks!

I puttered around the shed this morning. I filled some low spots and they'll be ready for sanding in an hour or so. I had to move the cabin sides into the shed. The brackets that held them on the outside of the shed broke off in the last storm we had. The panels got wet and some mold started to form on them.
I really gotta figure out a solution to my offcuts. I might build a bin of sorts on the side of the shed formerly occupied by the cabin sides. Maybe a project for tomorrow.

While I was doing the spring cleanup on the BBQ I had to go under the boat to retrieve our propane tank. Thought I'd share a couple of pics from inside the belly of the beast!

Looking forward.
Looking aft.
I can't wait to get through this fairing stuff so I can get this pig flipped over. Then the fun begins filleting and fiberglassing the insides. At least I'll have gravity working on my side.

Cheers & thanks for looking in.