Tuesday, June 10, 2014

So maybe that wasn't such a good idea

The rattle can primer as guide coat may not have been the best solution. It is horribly messy, seems to have penetrated deep into the Quikfair and gums up the sand paper. Oh well, live and learn. I've already got it on the other side of the boat but not near as heavy as the first so hopefully that'll be better.

Today was more sanding. Working my way down the port side doing the big X's as recommended which leave a cross hatch pattern in the fairing compound.

I have been in touch with the makers of the Flexicat sanders in Europe. I mentioned my issue with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and told them I was gripping the sander in different ways. They wanted pictures so I sent them some.

I switch hand positions quite frequently trying to avoid the strain that's put on my wrists. I do have to say these are a vast improvement over other sanders I have and I can get by without having to wear braces on my wrists at night (mostly). They also featured my video's on their Facebook page.


I made a few suggestions that they're going to pass onto their designers. Who knows, maybe my ideas will see it in the next generation of their sanding tools.

I figured you guys were due for another sanding video so I geared up! (Hold the Teletubbie jokes please).

I thought this was just about the goofiest thing I've ever seen! But hey, that's what it takes to bring you all these exciting sanding videos! :-)  Try to contain yourselves and turn off all cell phones and electronic devices (except your computer that you're watching right now) while the show is in progress. So without any further ado, here it is.........