Monday, June 23, 2014

Reminds me of an old tune

I remember watching these video's a few years before we started our project.

74' Home Made Boat - Burden of Dreams

It really got me thinking of our dream and what, if anything, we could realistically achieve with my meager skills, meager funds and general lack of functioning brain cells. It reminded me of the song:

The dream never dies just the dreamer
the dream never dies if it's strong.

by The Cooper Brothers

After watching those vids and thinking hard about what it meant I scaled back our dream. Think we found the project that was right for us and that's what you see us doing in this blog. 

Anywho, I know you've been waiting for another sanding video so here it is! Enjoy! Remember this is my life right now!  ;-)

Later gator's!

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