Sunday, June 22, 2014

Took the day off

Yesterday I took the day off. Went to Timmies for a coffee. Drove down by the river and watched some ships go up bound. Picked up some groceries. Did the dishes. Made the Admiral her dinner and just vegged. Dunno why just wasn't really motivated to work on the boat. It was a nice day just to do nuttin'!

Back at it today though. This morning started with an hour and a half sanding the stbd side (aka The Landing Strip) of the bottom that I didn't get finished the other day. After that was done I cleaned off the port side bottom panel (aka The Bowling Alley) and spread out just over a half gallon of Quikfair. I'd guess the total area was about 80 sq ft. This will cure today and get sanded down tomorrow.

I finished up this section about noon and headed in for lunch. It was about 90 degs in the shed when I quit. I know, I'm a pussy.