Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Not a whole lotta action

in the ole' boat shed this week. A bit of fairing & sanding etc. Then today my buddy Peter showed up all the way from Montreal for some nostalgic boat sanding. It was very very nice to have company in the shed for a change (other than a cat or two that is). With little fanfare and little chit chat he got right to work sanding! First out he hit the sides with the Flexicat and when that was done he jumped right up on top of the boat and started sanding the bottom! :-)  The man is a sanding machine!

I even tried to coax him down with medicinals and tributes of tobacco but he would have none of it till the job was done!
Thought to myself I just have to capture some of this action and preserve it for future generations. This is a true craftsman plying his trade! At least he said he was having fun.

By 13:00 hrs or so it reached 95 degs and we had to pull the pin. Sanding was done but too warm to spread Quikfair. It was only then he relaxed and enjoyed a cool brewski.

Many thanks to Peter. People like you are too rare and too far between.

Yours Aye!

Brother in sanding dust