Monday, July 14, 2014

Another Delightful Day

Yet another delightful day of Sandinsanity! Managed to get the rest of the first coat of epoxy sanded. Tomorrow I'll skip up on top and start coating the keel & bottom panels. Got a call out on Facebook for volunteer epoxy mixers. Offered beer & smoked sausages but so far no one's answered the call. :-(

Apologize for the crappy close up pic. This is the epoxy & fiberglass job I did on the air sander swivel thingy. It actually works!
It leaks a little bit but the sander is usable now. It doesn't swivel anymore though! :-)  First thing I did this morning was trip coming out of the garden shed. Doh! Ripped a chunk out of my middle finger tip! Ouch! Some shop towel & hockey tape fixed it up so it was usable too!
Did I mention how much I hate sanding tinted epoxy? Yeah well I do just in case it's not obvious what I was doing today! Hold all the 'Papa Smurf' jokes, I've already hear them all!  ;-)

Standby... more epoxy & sandinsanity fun coming your way soon!

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