Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Order from Chaos

I've got this whole boat flipping thing constantly on my brain. Was up half the night thinking about it and how I'll get it done. Decided to break it down into little steps that all lead up to the big event (likely July 30th.).

Step #1:  Get my sh*t together and get some sh*t straightened out.

This spring I saw a lot more water in the shed than in any other spring. All my offcuts of mahogany plywood were standing on the ground so they were getting stained. I knew I had to get them up and off the ground. Problem is I don't have much space, at least not in the shed. I'll need all the room I can get in there to do the flip. Eureka! Build a porch!

Attached to the side of the shed where the cabin sides used to reside is the new 'lean-to'. I'll eventually cover it all up with shrink wrap so it'll be weather tight.

My shop helper and I got a lot of the boat parts out of the shed and off the ground. Most of these are sole panels and side decks etc. The cabin sides are back there too as you can see in the first two photos. I still have a ton of cutoffs that I want to keep. I might have to put them in the shed and will likely build a bin to hold them all.

Tomorrow we build a work bench just for paint! Standby.....

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