Saturday, July 12, 2014

Starting to seal 'er up!

I had no idea what I was going to actually do this morning when I went out to the shed. I had tested some epoxy tint a couple of days ago and that seemed to go Ok so I mixed up some more and decided to go down one side.

The camera had a hard time getting a good exposure and focus because it was so shiny! This is just plain epoxy with some blue pigment mixed in. Nothing special. It'll seal up the underlying fairing compound.
I'll get another coat on it before any sanding gets done. I'll switch to the other side tomorrow for its first coat then work my way back around.
Even with just this one coat on the defects that'll have to be fixed in final fairing are evident. Nothing major just a few flat spots. Once all the epoxy is set it'll get sanded in prep for primer. I did notice a lot of bubbles getting into the epoxy when I used a short nap roller so I switched to a foam roller and it was better but the bubbles are still there. I'm sort of thinking maybe I need to rig up some apparatus to de-gas the epoxy before I roll it out. I have the vacuum pumps for that just not a container to do it in.

This Thursday past a couple of the 'Girls' from the ole' Office came by for a visit. Feeling the need to get away from the hustle & bustle of the big city (Ottawa) they decided to go for a lil' drive in the country and visit the Big Blue Boat Building Shed!
Sylvia & Erika
Sylvia's retired. She packed it in about the same time I did. Erika still works in Coast Guard doing the web stuff I used to do. They had a ball that day. Erika had to get right up on the boat and check it out. Not the best idea to wear black jeans on a freshly sanded boat hull! ;-)

I took them for a ride in the Jeep and we did a little off roading and puddle jumping!
Sylvia was tickled pink to go for her first 'Drive' in the St. Lawrence River! :-)
It certainly was a fun day. Nothing got done in the boat shed but that's Ok! Nice to have company stop by to check out the progress and shoot the breeze! Thanks for coming Sylvia & Erika. Come back again soon but be prepared to work next time! :-)

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