Sunday, July 13, 2014

It's all part of the learning curve

So you saw this pic yesterday.

Freshly coated with tinted epoxy. Well apparently I should have squeegeed it out to get the lil' air bubbles etc. out. Live and learn. So today I sanded the area with 80 grit on the RO and the Flexicats. It's amazing how you can now see the low spots!

That shiny strip running down the middle is a low spot. You couldn't see it before and you couldn't feel it. I'm kind of glad I actually did this today. Now I know better what I'm in for as I go along. Hopefully by the time I get to the primer stage all these little imperfections will be gone.

A little farther back the side this time. The dark blue areas are shiny and low spots. Most of the other low spots are much smaller. Overall I think it's coming along well. Patience and perseverance and slow and steady as she goes.

Killed another air powered RO today. Well not dead dead but the Kobalt RO I bought last year (13 days shy of a year) has a swivel sort of attachment on the air line.

I guess the swivel serves some sort of purpose to prevent strain on the air hose. Well that fancy gadget failed. There's a bunch of tiny ball bearings in it and they all came shooting out when it let go so now it leaks air like crazy. You can't get replacement parts. Silly me didn't buy the extended warranty either! Doh! So I do what I do best. I took it apart and epoxy & fiberglassed it back together. I'll wrap it in rubber hose and seal it with a few small hose clamps! Problem solved. Pics at 11:00!

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