Friday, July 4, 2014

It may have been

a holiday for our friends south of the border but the work never stops in the Big Blue Boat Building Shed!  :-)  I put the kid (Thomas) through his paces for a few hours this morning sanding the keel and bottom panels.

Here he is going down the sides with the RO smoothing things out a bit more. I'll likely have a few small spots to fill but otherwise it's pretty much ready to be sealed with a few coats of epoxy.

I busied myself bringing out some epoxy & my 'Sticky Stuff' dispenser etc. while I turned Thomas loose on the bottom panel (stbd side) with the inline sander. He used it a bit on the keel sides but it's pretty heavy and takes a fair amount of muscle to use properly. It works much better when you have gravity working on your side.

Also gave him the Flexicat to try. I don't think he liked it as much as the air powered sander. It too takes a lot of muscle to get it working properly. He troopered on though. I'll give him credit for that.


The Kid needs to take a few days off to recover (or hang out with his buddies) so I'll be on my own for awhile. That's Ok, what's left to do now is just little detail stuff. Should be rolling out epoxy to seal up the fairing compound by Monday. Standby...

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