Saturday, July 19, 2014

Scratching The Surface

This old tune came to mind this morning while I was sanding all the shiny stuff of the hull! Somehow it seemed appropriate for the occasion.
I know the sanding videos were popular but I didn't make one today. I hope you're not disappointed! ;-) I spent the better part of 4 hours sanding down the port side taking off the shiny surface of the epoxy coats I put on this week. Seems counter intuitive but it's gotta be done for the next step, primer.
Still a few low spots to be dealt with. I outlined these and put in a lil' bit of epoxy thickened with cabosil.
Tomorrow the sanding will continue. Going for a boat ride this afternoon so Wohoo! a break from the boat shed! :-)

Oh yeah, one last pic.

That's it. Shower time!

Dingy's rigged & ready to go!

Thanks for looking in.


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