Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Monsoons and Epoxy

Monsoons and epoxy don't mix. I was out in the shed early yesterday to start some more coats of epoxy on the hull. About 9:30 or so the heavens opened up and it started to pour! I mean it came down in buckets! I knew I was in for it. The shed roof leaks like a sieve. I did get some of the bulwarks done and had to quit till the afternoon when the rain stopped.
About 1:30 I got back out and managed to get the stbd side & transom coated. This morning I was back out there and got another coat on both sides and the transom.
I do have to say I think it's coming along really well. One more coat on the sides and transom then I'll kick it upstairs to the keel & bottom panels. I've sort of got a rhythm and process going that sort of speeds things up. Maybe I can get a helper to mix while I roll. That'd be sweet 'cause all that up & down the latter stuff really tuckers me out!


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