Friday, July 25, 2014

Three Months & Counting

Yesterday marked the three month mark that I've been filling & fairing & sanding this whale. I honestly don't know where the time flies! It doesn't seem that long but it has. When I look back at the pictures & video's etc. I don't really remember doing half this stuff. I mean I know I did it but it's like you go on auto pilot or something.

Today was my least favorite activity of all, getting up on top (actually the bottom) of the boat & sanding.
I always leave the worst to last I guess. My ole' back & knees don't like this activity too much. Usually I'll take a Robaxacet first and that keeps the back muscles from cramping. Didn't have any left today though. :-( 

The checklist to primer is getting shorter. As of right now I have a patch on the stbd bottom panel to sand and the port side bulwarks forward. The port side panel will need to be be long boarded in it's entirety and the stbd side panel is 2/3's of the way long boarded. The only thing left to do then will be to sand all the joins. This has to be done by hand and is a bit of a PITA. If all goes according to plan I should be spraying primer on the hull by mid-week next week.

And now for your viewing enjoyment, you guessed it, another sanding video! This time with a slightly different perspective. I try to keep it fresh and interesting! :-)

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