Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Around and around we go!

Where & when will this torture stop nobody knows. *sigh*

The process:  Roll on some expensive goopy stuff. When it hardens sand most of it back off so you can roll on some more expensive goopy stuff. *sigh*

I'm pretty sure now I could have done this a lot easier had I know then what I know now. Oh well, live and learn. I'm into it and I'll finish it. Started out today at 80 degs in the shed at 08:00 and only got warmer. The humidity is probably the highest it's been all summer. I really notice a lot of moisture coming out of the sander. The little water trap thingy on the compressor just can't keep up. I may have to get a larger air dryer for that.
Working my way from the bow to the stern on the port side bottom panel. It's so humid the dust just balls up and gums up the sanding disks. I think I've gone through 6 so far today. Usually I only have to change them once a day.

Nice orderly waves of sanding dust! ;-)  I try to be methodical but have to change it up as much as I can to relieve the stress on my wrists. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is no joke. If you've ever hand Tennis Elbow you'll know the pain.
You can see the shine coming off the epoxy. This stuff is HARD. It's been baking in the shed for almost a week now. Luckily I don't have to press too hard to get eh pebbles sanded down and the shine off of it. Using 80 grit disks which is what's required for the next step, primer.

Just in case you missed it here's the link to yesterday's Sandinsanity video!


Temps supposed to hit 40 C with the humidex today. I'll see how long I can go. I keep the fans blowing right on me which helps.


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