Sunday, July 6, 2014

This ain't Pixar

This is no Pixar animation! :-)  I've never done an animation before. It was really clunky to do in Sketchup (more likely 'cause I have no idea of what I'm doing) but I was trying to illustrate how I'll use a Gin Pole to flip the hull over.

I've omitted the tag lines & come-a-longs that'll be used to steady the hull as it turns and pull it sideways. The white pole on the left is the Gin Pole. It's a 6" X 6" pressure treated timber 16' long. 4' of it will be buried in the ground. It will have to chain stays anchored into the ground to keep it vertical. The 6 x 6 is able to handle a compressive load about 25 times that of the weight of the hull and the buckling load is at least 5 times the weight of the hull. I think it'll be safe enough. Lifting power will come from a 2500 lb electric winch.

If I have time I'll try to do a better animation. Standby.

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