Monday, September 7, 2015

Another Nibble

One more lil' nibble outta the whale!

Had to get out to the shed early this morning to get a jump on the gooping fiberglass before it got too hot. I was figuring on 2-1/2 hrs and 1-3/4 gallons of epoxy. I wasn't very far off.
Stbd forward getting epoxy
Pic above was after about 40 mins and 3 qts of epoxy. Just very lightly squeegeeing as I went to keep as much epoxy in the glass as I can. Did this knowing I'll eventually have to sand it before the last layer goes on.
Stbd side looking aft
Pic above was about 1-1/2 hours in and 1-1/4 gallons of epoxy down. I had added a piece of 8" 17oz tape at the chine to make up for the small overlaps. I hadn't counded the epoxy used for this in my estimate.
Stbd side aft. Done!
All in all it took just about 2 hrs 20 mins and used up 13 pints of epoxy. That's pretty close to what I had guestimated. :-)

All the time I was working the Project Manager was slacking off! Humph!
The PM pondering the meaning of kibble! :-)

Tomorrow I'll hang the glass for the stbd side forward end and stbd sides. I think I can get through the whole side myself in about the same time it took me to do the bottom panel today.


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