Sunday, September 20, 2015

It fought me

The beotch fought me every step of the way today.

The task was to epoxy the 12 oz on the transom then layer on the finishing fabric (12 oz plain weave). The 12 oz is bad enough to use with cut ends fraying etc. but it wets out nicely. That went Ok. Then I started with the 12 oz plain weave. What a PITA. This stuff is sh*t! Friggin' FleaBay cheap fiberglass. Never again! Not that all stuff I've bought off of eBay is bad but this particular batch was. I think I bought it for the cabin roof because it's 8' wide which is rare for fiberglass.

I managed to catch some of the struggles on the GoPro but the damn batteries keep dying. I think both my camera's are pooched. Likely from all the epoxy & fiberglass dust! Video tomorrow. Computer isn't cooperating today.

In the end I put on the peel ply and rolled that out. I don't think it'll help. I have a sneaky suspicion the next video will be a sanding video of me grinding all that crap off! *sigh*
Transom glassed & Peel Plied
So after that lil' fiasco I tinkered with the stringers again. Cut up some perfectly good mahogany plywood for the inserts & splices.
Assembling aft section of port side stringer
Oh the wonderful sting of mahogany splinters! :-(  I forgot how that felt. Little buggers!
Gluing the spice
Mixed up a little epoxy & wood flower for glue and stuck the two sections together with the 20" splices. That's over 60 lbs of lead compressing the stack. There's a few screws in there to keep it from sliding around. Once this sets up I'll add an extra layer of glass to each side.

Standby while I go have a Rum & Coke!

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