Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Starboard sides & bulwark

So the plan was to lay up the fiberglass and goop it tomorrow. I got the first piece hung and it was 'screamin'' at me for epoxy! So I obliged even though it's hotter 'n hell today.
Stbd side forward
It's going quick. The epoxy is warm and soaks into the fiberglass really well. Gotta scramble to keep up to it!
30 minutes in and 4 pints (2 quarts) of epoxy
After an hour or so of rolling on goop and chasing bubbles it's done!
An hour later, done!
I've got a string of small bubbles along the seam of the fabric I laid down yesterday. That's the problem with working on freshly epoxied fabric with no sanding. I hammer them down and rolled the crap out of them with the seam roller . I will have to check back in an hour or so to see if they've stuck down or not.

In order to keep within the 24 hr limit for 'no sanding' I rolled out some neat epoxy on the area I did yesterday that'll get overlapped with fabric tomorrow.

More to come.