Friday, September 4, 2015

Lunchtime update HSSWDD

Absolutely perfect day for sanding in the shed! :-)  It's warm, 21C right now but hardly any humidity so it's very comfortable.

I followed a suggestion from one of the boat building forumites and broke out the 8" High Speed Spinning Wheel of Death & Destruction! He recommended a 36 grit disc but all I could find was 80. It worked pretty well for this application.
This made quick work of keying the bottom glass and smoothing out some of the fabric edges. It misses a lot of low spots though. Got down the starboard side bottom panel in about 45 mins or so. That would have taken me three times that long with the 6" RO. Another half hour to go back over it with the 6" and I was done that part.
Starboard side bottom panel sanded
Even when you're just taking the 'shiny stuff' off the glass you still kick up a lot of dust with the 8" disc. As you can see my ever faithful lil' BJ was there keeping, for the most part, the dust off of me.
Starboard aft quarter getting sanded
Gets a little nasty in the corners as the fans have a tendency to blow the dust right back in your face. In this case I had Big BJ blowing down from above which helped a lot.

I spent 10 mins on the 8" sander and got half the side panel done. I'll finish it up with the 6" after lunch. My hands are sore but not 'nuff to stop me today! :-)  The 8" sander is actually my car polisher. Well was anyways. It's a handful and I don't have the strength in my hands to use it at full arm extension bent over so this afternoon I'll sit comfortably on my big fat ass and putter along with ole' Faithful, the 6" RO.