Monday, September 21, 2015

Transom Glass & Stringers

So I reluctantly hauled my butt out to the shed this morning to see the results of yesterday's glassing fiasco.
Peel Ply removed.
Didn't turn out too bad. There's a few spots that look dry but they're not. I'm guessing there's a sizing on the fabric or some kind of contamination that turns white with the epoxy.
Looks dry in some spots
A couple of minor bubbles but nothing serious that a sander can't fix!
Couple of minor bubbles
Still not 100% happy with it but it'll do. A couple coats of paint and no one will ever notice eh?

Spent the rest of the morning on the stringers. Glued up the second (stbd) side aft two sections.
Stbd stringer sections glued up
Both stringers side by side
Those stringer sections are now about 13' long, approx. 8" wide and 4 layers thick. I'm guestimating they weigh about 90 lbs each. Going to be a wrestling match to get them in the boat. Going to charge up the winch battery today!

In my haste last time working on the stringers I forgot to fix one end of the starboard stringer for splicing. Doh!
Mr. Router to the rescue
Took about 10 mins with the router to clear away the plywood on both sides of the stringer section. I bought a straight cut bit just for that job and it's pretty much toast now. I don't know if they can be sharpened or not.
Ready for splicing.
I won't fit the other sections of the stringers together until I get them in the boat. The section where the 39-1/8" splice is located is just about where the engine will go. I've got some work to do to figure out how I'm going to mount the engine and may have to modify the stringers.

Should be hoisting the two large sections of stringers into the boat tomorrow. Another milestone. :-)


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