Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Port sides aft

Kind of a lazy start this morning. Didn't make it to the shed till after 09:00 and then did a wee bit of pondering. Wasn't exactly sure I would have enough of the 12 oz fiberglass to do the side.
Just 'nuff! Whew!
Made it! With about 5' left on the roll to spare! Whew! I knew it was going to be close.
Trimmed almost ready for goop!
Took about an hour and a half to lay it out, secure the top edge and trim it up. There was more ponderin' time in there as well! ;-) Dunno what I was ponderin' but I just was!
Extra tape along chine
The area along the chine gets fabric overlapped from the side and bottom panels. Because of the standard widths of the fabrics the overlap is sometimes only a couple of inches. The designer recommends 5" to 6" overlaps. To make up for the shortcomings in overlaps I laid in an extra piece of 8" 17 oz fabric tape. This should do it!
About half way, 3 qts of epoxy
Mixing quarts instead of pints seems to speed things up a bit. At least it's fewer trips to the sticky stuff machine!
1-1/2 hours and about 1-1/2 gallons of epoxy. Done!
Caption to the above photo pretty much sums it up! ;-)  Another big bite outta the whale!

So what's left? The bow section forward of the bow thruster tube, the very back end of the box keel and the transom. I'll spend a good portion of tomorrow prepping them for fiberglass and goop them on Thursday. I think I'm going to add an extra layer of the above mentioned tape along the keel to bottom join and if I have enough epoxy left over I'm going to put some of the off cuts of fiberglass in the bottom of the box keel.

Bubble watch for an hour or so then it's shower time! I smell really really bad! *lol*


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