Friday, September 25, 2015

There be stringers here

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I couldn't wait. Just had to haul the stringers up and into the boat to see what they look like. Here's one going up on the electric winch.
First one, port side getting loaded into the boat
Technically they're now 'in the boat'
Still have a lot of work to do on them before I start bedding, filleting & tabbing them in.
Stringers roughly centered looking aft
Stringers looking forward
Yesterday was a repeat of the day before. I laid some tape along the bottom/keel join as extra precaution. I also had to lay in some glass at the very back of the box keel. Unfortunately I couldn't stay with the boat on bubble watch and sure as shit I got two bubbles. I'll be in there tomorrow with the grinder to get them out and patch them up. *sigh*

This was about as far as I thought I'd get this season. I'm happy with the progress even though it's dreadfully slow by most standards. I've got about 4 gallons of epoxy left and that should be enough to get the stringers bedded & filleted and maybe taped. I don't know.


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