Sunday, September 13, 2015

Port side bottom second layer


Day started out with a bit of sanding 'cause I played hookie from the boat shed yesterday and hung out with the ole' Lady and a couple friends. Then we all skipped over the bridge for Mexican food. :-)
Port side (left) all sanded & prepped
Went through my normal routine of sanding then blowing out the dust and wiping down the surface with a universal paint solvent. This gets rid of any oil or other contaminants that might be on the surface. Just for the record, for those that know what this is, this epoxy with the slow hardener does not blush (amine blush).
12 oz fiberglass laid out forward
and looking aft

20 mins & 2 qts
I seem to have developed a rhythm for working with this stuff. After just 20 minutes I had 2 qts of epoxy on and was well along the bottom panel.
1-1/2 hrs and 1-3/4 gallons of epoxy
Took a wee break midway for refreshments then got right back to it. The weather was perfect and the temp in the shed was only 18C.

Tomorrow we'll see if there's enough 12 oz glass left to do the sides. *fingers crossed* The roll is lookin' pretty small right about now! *shudder*


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