Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Playing Catch Up

Yesterday I tinkered with the stringers. Radius'd the edges that'll have glass draped over them and sanded the rest.
Router makes quick work!
Yes the router makes quick work but it also makes a big mess!
So I got that nastiness out of the way and started thinking. That's not always a good thing so the wife tells me. *sigh* Anywho, I got to thinking of putting a layer of glass on the stringers before they go into the boat. Something like this.
Glass laid over stringer
It would certainly save me some back breaking work inside the boat on my hands and knees. One of the ole' Fella's on the forums suggested I move the saw horses and stringers inside the boat and do it there! Cool! I don't think I could have built this boat without the ole' Interweb forums! Thanks Crusty.

Today's mission was to finish up the fiberglass on the box keel. Been putting that off 'cause it's a sh*tty job. I always do that. Terrible work ethic.
Looking aft towards back end of box keel
Looking forward, tape gooped & peel plied!
Aft end finished
Forward end finished
This layer of tape over the bottom/keel joins is extra. The wide fabrics just weren't wide enough to provide an overlap on the side/bottom join and the bottom/keel join. It only took a half hour and about 3 pints of epoxy so what the heck. Little extra piece of mind. I'll do the other side tomorrow morning. It gets pretty messy if I try to do both sides at once. I need a place to sit my fat arse when laying on the goop! ;-)