Thursday, September 17, 2015

Couple of half days

Spent the last two days (half day each) doing my favorite thing, sanding fiberglass! ;-) Yesterday I got a start on the transom and back end of the keel.
Prepping the transom for glass
It's ready
That took me till 'bout noon and I went inside to see what the Ole' Girl had in mind for lunch. 'Pizza' she replied! Wohoo! Anywho, an hour later and three pieces of home made Mummy Pizza down and I'm just screwed! No more sanding for me! Siesta time!

Luckily today wasn't a repeat of yesterday. I got into the shed about 9'ish (Ole' Mummy is on nights so she likes to sleep in) so I didn't wake the Admiral up. Got right to sanding the box keel from stern to stem. I want to put an extra layer of tape on the join between the bottom and sides of the box keel. When I laid out the fabrics for the bottom they aren't wide 'nuff to go over the bend.
We're makin' dust today!
I use the little 2" flappy disc sander to feather out the fabric edges. This lil' gem makes short work of it. I've sanded back away from the bottom/keel join to allow the stringers to get bedded down without having to do any more sanding.
That's a long way's away! ;-)
I'm sitting on the bow thruster tube to get that shot. Pretty cool! I've still got a bit of the bow section to sand and the bottom/sides of the box keel. That'll take me tomorrow to finish up I think. Saturday I should be putting in the last glass in the keel & bow.


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