Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Peel Ply Vs Sanding

This morning I had to start sanding the bow section forward of the thruster tube and then the sides/bottom panels that'll get fiberglass next. Working in the bow is a PITA as you're fighting gravity the whole time. One hand to hang onto the boat and the other for the sander. My hands are sore and I only had 3 hours in me today.
Bow section being sanded
I could have avoided all this sanding if I used the peel ply. The downside to the peel ply is it takes a lot more time & effort to get it on while the epoxy is still wet. That usually meant I was burning myself out after doing that for 20 feet or so. So the two sides and starboard bottom were done without peel ply. Now I sand!
2 hrs in and not much progress
Taking tomorrow off to go 'Chootin'' with 'Dead Eye Dan'!


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