Tuesday, August 26, 2014

37 C or 99 F

Just got back from my run to Princess Auto. Opened the shed and it's 37 C (99F) in there. It's usually another 5-10 degs warmer up on top of the boat which is where I'd need to be today so I'm gonna call it quits and have a nice cooling beverage.

Upsized the pulley blocks to 16,000 lb capacity and Plan B in case the electric winch isn't up to the task is a 2 Ton cable winch. I think I have all the bases covered now.
Afternoon Update.

One of the problems with not being able to work on the boat is you have more time to think. Sometimes more time to think is a good thing and sometimes it's not. I have a tendency to 'over think' a lot of things. That's where they ole' Interwebs are a boon to anyone considering building their own boat. There's a veritable treasure trove of knowledge out there and people willing to share it. A couple good discussions on the boat builder forums got me to thinking (in a good way I hope) about all the hardware etc. that'll be used to turn the boat. I think I have everything covered with hardware etc. that's up to the job. I put together this lil' sketch.
Some of the other key parts not show are the Gin Pole and on the wooden rolling frames. The gin pole is a 6X6 has a compressive strength of 26,000 lbs and a buckling force of 7600 lbs. The 2x6 longitudinals (I'll be lifting on these) have a buckling strength of about 400 lbs in a 12' unsupported span, they'll be diagonally braced reducing the actual unsupported span to about 1' for 4400 lbs capacity. 

I figure the boat is 1300 lbs with the rolling frames. It will not leave contact with the ground. Once the boat gets to the position shown above (45 degs) it'll be putting the most strain on the Gin Pole & winch cable. There are a couple of things that can go wrong at this point, first the frame can skid towards the Gin Pole causing the boat to fall and secondly the electric winch might not be able to hold the weight of the boat in a controlled manner allowing me to slowly lower it to the ground.

To address point number 1 the 4 ton cable ratchet winch I bought today can be used to replace the electric hoist. Point number 2 I'll add two tag lines that'll run out to the frame of the boat shed to control the bottom of the frames as they're winched towards the Gin Pole. That'll mean a couple extra hands needed for the process.


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