Saturday, August 16, 2014

Gin Pole Rigging Part 3

Had to reverse the lower u-bolt that's there for the retaining straps. Swapped it around to the backside of the Gin Pole. I knew this was gonna happen but never thought about it when I rigged it the first time. Also added a 'kick stand' to the pole. It'll help distribute the load to the ground and act as a dead stop should the turning frame slide too far towards the pole.
The addition of the kick stand really stiffened up the Gin Pole a whole lot more. It's solid now. I've got permission from my neighbor to sink a 36" ground anchor into his backyard on flip day. This will allow me to tether the top of the Gin Pole to the ground stake with a 30' X 20,000lb tow strap. Once the boat goes past 45 degs I'll have to start letting out line to lower it down and this will put the most strain on the pole. That strain will be transferred to the towing strap into the ground anchor.

Testing the electric winch and remote control.
Power to pull the boat sideways as it's being turned will be an 800 lb hand winch.
The pull will run parallel to the bottom of the rolling frame so I ran the wire down the backside of the Gin Pole where it'll pass through a small fairlead (came with the winch) and out holes drilled in the pole & kick stand. Should be almost effortless.
I haven't bolted it on yet, have to get a couple smaller lag bolts first.

About 5 yrs ago or so we were cruising the local flea market when I spotted this. $15 if I remember correctly.
Just an old bucket of bolts you say. Yup, good guess, that's what it is. I knew someday I'd need a a bunch of bolts like this to build the rolling frames. How's that for foresight?

Still cleaning up under the boat so I can put together the turning frames. I had a lotta stuff stored under there! No idea where I'm going to put it all. Eeeks!