Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pretty in Primer

Today's mission was to finish getting the first whole coat of epoxy primer on the hull.
Took me just about 3-1/2 hrs to roll on the bottom panels & keel plus one more coat on the port side.
Here's an odd view! I couldn't get the bow in because of the extension on the shed.
So by my count the hull has:

2 coats on the port side
2 coats on the transom
2 coats on the keel bottom
1 coat on the stbd side
1 coat on the port & stbd bottom panels
1 coat on the keel sides

I have one gallon of primer left. That should be exactly enough to get two coats on everything. Mfgr recommended 4 coats but I just can't swing it right now. It'll have to do. I'm not going to paint the sides right away. That'll likely be one of the last things done before the boat leaves the shed. If they need more primer they'll get it then.

Right after I roll the last coat on the keel I have to wait till it's tacky but not sticky (thumbprint test) and then I'll roll on the anti-fouling bottom coat. Tonight I'll go out with the laser level and mark the water line.

Oh boy I'm tired. That was all done from the step ladder so there was a lotta ups & downs going on.

Beer O'Clock!  But I got none. :-(