Monday, August 4, 2014

Just a lil' bit more

That's it. Hull is primed. Two coats on absolutely everything plus an extra coat on the transom and bow. I'm done with primer. Terribly messy stuff to work with. I was sort of hoping the paint sprayer would eliminate a lot of the work but that didn't work out as planned. :-(  Oh well, it is what it is. I figure it took me 20 hrs to get both coats on over 4 days. This morning's session was only a couple of hours. I used up all the paint. Four gallons in total.

Rest of today I'm going to organize my hardware etc. for the Gin Pole. Have to move some stuff around and start digging the hole for the pole. Might even start rigging the pole. Dunno yet. My hands are killing me again. Maybe it is time to get sanding again! ;-)

Taking tomorrow off to let the primer firm up then I'll lightly sand the keel & bottom panels for anti-fouling. Hopefully that'll go a lot quicker.