Sunday, August 24, 2014

Inching ever closer

More roller frame assembly today. Almost there! I have to buy some more material tomorrow and it'll be done except for the cable rigging etc. That'll require a trip to Princess Auto (Dammit!) :-)....

Overview looking forward. You can see how tight it is in here. There's some stuff I can move but a lot of it has to stay where it is.
I thought I had more bolts but came up just two short. I screwed the crap outta the forward brace as best I could. The boat won't sit long on these so it should be Ok.
Diagonal bracing on the forward frame.
Aft looking forward again. Not a whole lot of room to work with here.
Forward looking aft.
On the inside looking forward. I've started to disassemble some of the strongback framing which we put together just over 3 years ago. That's a nice feeling! :-)
And looking aft.
I was going to use 2X4 plus a 2X2 laminated to it for the longitudinal braces but I don't think they'll be strong enough so I'm going to get some 2X6's for that tomorrow. All of this lumber will be re-purposed once the boat is flipped into a set of stairs up and into the boat! :-)

I'm hoping my friend Peter will be available the first or second week of September for the flip. I can rig the GoPro camera up in one corner with the same angle as the first picture above and record the whole operation as a video. Success or failure, crash & burn or fall down and go boom, I promise I'll publish it without any editing or CGI special effects!


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