Monday, August 11, 2014

Pics as promised

So here's the pics as promised.

Looking forward. No I didn't miss the back of the keel. I still have some work to do there and that'll get done once it's flipped.
Stbd side looking aft and across the keel. I approximated the water line on the bow. I checked yesterday and the boat is way off level. Probably settled from the 3 yrs it's been sitting there on blocks plus my hulk climbing around on it for years. I'll mark the waterline after the boat is flipped and leveled.
Stbd side again looking forward.
Port side looking forward.
It took me two days to get the Corotech Polyamide Epoxy Primer V150 on the hull. Very nice stuff but wow the fumes. Nasty stuff. Respirators a must with this product. All I could get was one coat out of the 2 gallon kit. I'm assuming a lot of the catalyst is lost to atmosphere when it cures. I rolled on the anti-fouling within the overcoating window so there should be a really good bond between the two layers. Sure much nicer than have to sand the hull again and paint it laying on my back getting splattered with nasty black stuff.

That's it. Clearing stuff out of the way so I can start rigging the hull to get flipped.