Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rolling frames continued...

More work on the rolling frames today. The forward frame is coming together now. I used the laser level to mark the vertical 2X6's and trimmed those then added the cross piece.
The backside of the same section.
And the opposite side without the half circle. I think I have 'nuff bolts in it! :-)
Here you can see a 2X4 running horizontally from the aft turning frame to the forward frame. This is just to control the spacing of the frames and keep them from wandering out of position during the lift. There won't be any lifting force applied to this section.
The two parts of the lifting frame that will be lifted on will be made with 2X6's and braced diagonally to the rolling frames to distribute the load. It looks like I'll be using automotive style u-bolts again for the pulling points. They're extremely strong and inexpensive.

It was 95 F in the shed when I quit at about 1:30 this afternoon and probably another 10 F higher up on top of the boat! Where's this Polar Vortex I hear everyone talking about?  ;-)