Friday, August 22, 2014

Cat Emergency

Sorry for the delay in posting. We had a cat (four legged furry kind) emergency that had to be dealt with. The Princess (aka Shadow) decided all of a sudden to quit eating. She squirreled herself away in the basement and barfed up pretty much everything she ate or drank for the last three days so it was off to the Vet. Two days later, X-Rays, blood tests & $850 later still no idea what's up. Anyhow that's what I've been dealing with.

Back to the boat. Started to assemble the forward rolling frame. Stbd side
Port side.
Trying to figure out how to tie the two frames together. I have to keep in mind that I'll be pulling the weight of the boat over with these cross bars (for lack of a better term).
Think I'll laminate a 2X2 to a 2X4 as shown and screw them into the frame at the end. I'll cross brace to take the load and transfer it to the middle of the frame.

Think I got 'nuff bolts in it! :-)
All the corners without the half circles are bolted the same. That old bucket of bolts I bought all those years ago are certainly coming in handy. With the price of hardware now a days that'd likely be another $100 just to bolt this thing together.

In order to get the boat as close to level as possible when I flip it I have to keep the bottom (currently on top) of the frames (fore & aft) level with each other. I set my handy dandy laser level on the aft frame and it shows me where I need to trim the forward frames. I'll get to that tomorrow.
Other than nursing a sick cat that's about all the updates I have. Progress is slow but it's still progress none the less.

Thanks for looking in.

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