Monday, August 18, 2014

Lotta Ponderin' and a lil' workin'

Today was one of those days I pretty much had no idea what I was gonna do first when I walked in the shed. Just picked up a 2X6 and started at it.

First I laid out the two 2X6's that will form the top (right now they're on the bottom) of the rolling frames 12' apart. This gives me a decent starting point on one of the frames near the stern. I'll tie that form into the rolling frame.
You can see the 2X6 on the bottom and one rigged vertically up the side of the hull. I've wrapped part of a felt moving blanked around the edge of the 2X6 to cushion the hull. The plywood half circle is part of the rolling frame. There's one on each side. This is what joins the two 2x6'S together. I won't be gluing them as I eventually have to take them apart to remove the frame later.

A closer look at the corner of the rolling frame with the half circle in place.
And after the 2X6 was trimmed to the radius of the circle.
This should allow the frames to roll nice and easy during the flip. There won't be any sudden transition from one side of the frame to the other so hopefully it'll go over as one fluid motion.

The other side won't roll so it doesn't need a radius. I'll replace the plywood seen here with a chunk of 2X6 screwed securely on both sides.
The forward most rolling frame will be a bit more involved. It doesn't fall on a form so I'll have to build one as part of the frame. It will also get the radius'd corners like the other side. The two frames will be tied together with 2X4's. That'll come later.

This whole thing has been a bit of a puzzle. I can picture it in my head and it's pretty much coming out as I thought it would. Based on some good advice from a fella on the Woodenboat forum I'm going to upgrade the size of the wire on the main lifting winch and increase the capacity of the main pulley block. Thanks Jim.

Afternoon Update:

Managed to get the rest of the aft turning frame pretty much figured out. Port side.
Stbd side.
I've still got some drilling & bolting to do. The plywood brace on the port side will get replaced with 2X6, drilled & bolted. It was 95 degs on the floor of the shed and about 100 on top of the boat! I was melting even with the fans going full blast! I've got enough materials to finish the aft frame and not enough to do the forward one. I'll have to wait about a week & a bit for the ole' pension cheque to arrive before I buy more materials. :-(


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