Friday, August 8, 2014

Here we go again!

Another coat of primer going on the keel & bottom!
Spent the morning finishing up the sanding on the keel & bottom panels. Decided to try to get some paint on it this afternoon. This time it's an industrial grade epoxy primer that's used for underwater structures. My buddy Peter used it on his boat and swears by it. I managed to weasel myself some from the friendly Benjamin Moore dealer in Ottawa!  :-)  Thanks Serge!
When they say wear a respirator with vapor canisters on it they mean it! Whatever is in this stuff is STRONG! I mixed it outside which was fine. Carried the bucket into the shed to dump it in the paint tray and in less than 10 seconds I was feeling woozie! I dumped it in the tray and ran for fresh air! I couldn't imagine having to use this stuff in an enclosed space without a self contained air supply.

I managed to get two litres on the boat. It's tough rolling it on. The short nap roller lasted all of 30 seconds before it fell apart, again something strong in this stuff just destroyed the roller sleeve. Switched to a longer nap roller sleeve and that was much better. This stuff will stay in the pot for up to 4 hrs at 70 degs. It was 80 in the shed so I knew I had to hustle but oh boy does it stiffen up when it gets to a thin film. I'd say it was way past tacky inside of 30 seconds after being rolled out. If you miss an area you can't go back over it. Just have to wait for a couple of hours to recoat.

Managed to burn myself out after just a half hour of painting this stuff. On top of sanding all morning I was running up and down the step ladder. I'm out of roller sleeves anyways so it looks like it's Canadian Tire for me tomorrow!