Sunday, August 3, 2014

I lost that round

I'd call today's challenge a loss. It started out warm in the shed and only got hotter. I was trying to get the last coat of primer on the hull in time to overcoat it with the anti-fouling. It didn't work. The high temps meant a lot less time to work with the primer before it kicked off in the paint tray. I scrambled as best I could but was just burning myself out and making a mess so I called it quits.

I did however get the a few more panels covered, keel is done, stbd side has it's second coat etc. I've got enough primer left to finish the second coats of the bottom panels with maybe a little left over. I'll save that just 'in case'.

I know it's hard to tell from the pics but I'm really happy with how well it turned out. I learned a lot doing it and hopefully those lessons will stick in my feeble brain so that when it's time to do the topsides (that everyone will see) it'll turn out even better.
I wore my lucky LPBC (Laughing Polar Bear Club) ballcap. This was given to me by a fellow boat builder, Peter Lenihan. The caps are instilled with mystical powers to aid the boat builder. Apparently I haven't appeased the Boat Building Gods 'cause the lucky cap sure let me down today!  ;-)
Those of you familiar with the LPBC will no doubt know what I'm talking about. The rest of you will just think I'm crazy. That's Ok, I won't argue the point!  ;-)

Besides there being a lot of real estate to cover with the primer and a much smaller time window to overcoat it with the heat my hands were killing me today. This carpal tunnel syndrome is no joke. The pain is intense and the 'pins & needles' is hugely annoying. You drop stuff a lot. It's also kind of weird, it never really bugged me that much when I was sanding all the time! Go figure.

So now that I know I can't hot coat the anti-foul paint I've consigned myself to having to sand the keel & bottom at least one more time. Oh joy! I don't think it's that big of a deal. It'll allow me to get the job done at a leisurely pace and lesson the chance of any more screw ups.

We often wondered where the Baby cat went when she takes off during the day. Today I found her nestled under the boat laying on a plastic garbage bag covered in sanding dust. Doh!

That's it for today. More fun & games coming tomorrow.