Friday, August 15, 2014

I have no vise

Well actually I had one. It broke. Just like the old saying 'if it breaks, make it stronger, if it's not broke, try harder.'  Well I tried hard and it broke.  ;-)
I think we paid $20 for this at an auction about 10 yrs ago. It sat in the garden shed for a few years until we started building the boat. It's seen plenty of use since then. Luckily for me Mastercraft (Canadian Tire store brand) tools (not all of them) have a life time warranty. Just dropped it on the counter and they replaced it with this.
It's not nearly as heavy duty and doesn't have pipe jaws on the inside but it might last the duration of the boat project, then again, it might not! ;-)

The carpal tunnel syndrome has been kicking up something wicked today. I was up half the night in agony. I tried sleeping without the wrist braces and maybe that was part of the problem. I'll put them back on tonight to see if they make a difference.

Mounted the 2500 lb electric winch to the Gin Pole this morning.
Installation is pretty straight forward. Built a little shelf to hold my trolling motor battery and it was all set to go. Well almost, the batteries that came in the remote were dead so they had to be replaced. I gotta say it works pretty cool with the remote. I can control the winch from anywhere in the shed. Great Father's day gift from the ole' Mummy. Thank you dear!

I've got two dead batteries (prob 70 lbs) hanging from the winch now. The Gin Pole doesn't budge a hair. I'm still going to brace it and will have to get another shorter 6 X 6 tomorrow. If the hands are a little better I'll get to assembling the rolling frames too.