Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Heat Wave Continues

It's so hot .......... I forget the rest of the joke. *Sigh*  Third straight day of 100+ F temps with the humidex. Don't want to risk epoxying the glass when it's that warm. Stuff kicks off in the paint tray before I can get it rolled out. Yesterday just puttered around a bit in the boat. Moved the Sticky Stuff dispenser to the port side etc. Rigged up Big BJ on the side of the boat where I can point it anywhere and not have to worry about knocking it over.

Today puttered around with my little welder.
Inverter Welder from Princess Auto
Haven't had much chance to use it so decided to give it a go today before it gets too hot. Managed to get in a few hours of play time.
Pigeon Poop
So as you can see I'm no welder. I've tinkered with them a few times in the past. Had a MIG welder a few years ago but it just sat around so I sold it. Did a bit of welding back on the Griffon but that was 35 yrs ago. Gotta do some study on power settings, various rods, etc. see if I can't get a good bead to lay down.

So the conclusion is the welder seems to be pretty good. The operator? Well he's just Dickered!
Let's hope the heat breaks soon. I want to get this first layer of glass finished. Saturday my buddy Andrew is coming over and we're going to replace the top of the bow shed with greenhouse plastic. Anybody not doing anything that day and can lend a hand it'd be appreciated.