Thursday, August 27, 2015

Return to Sandinsanity

Now that the inside of the hull has one complete layer of fiberglass on it it's time to sand it all nice and smooth for the next layer. Actually it doesn't have to be perfectly smooth this time, not like the outside did. Most of what you see inside will be covered or in the bilge so cosmetics aren't an issue.
Lil' BJ keeping the dust away!
I always keep the small fan behind me when I'm sanding. Keeps the dust away pretty well. When it's hot it helps keep the operator cool as well! :-) It's a bit of a pain having to reposition it all the time but I think it's worth it.
Midships looking forward towards the bow
Started a little after 9:00 this morning and worked my way aft. I had to sand off all the little 'fiber fangs' before I could really get to work. 'Fiber fangs?' you say. Well they're the nasty little needles that are sticking out from the edge of the fabric and once soaked in epoxy & cured they're just like fangs! They Hurt!
End of box keel looking aft
By 13:30 or so I was all the way down the starboard side and the bottom from front to back. I've got maybe 1-1/2 hours sanding left to finish the box keel. Had to call it quits though my hands are sore.

For you Sandinsadists here's a small (3-1/2 minute) Sandinsanity video to help curb your dark appetites!  ;-)

There's a really cool shot about the 1:30 mark looking up the box keel towards the bow!

Thanks for looking in.