Thursday, August 13, 2015

Level & Port Side Aft Fiberglass

Spent a good portion of the morning leveling up the boat. I didn't think it had settled that much but the starboard side was down 3" lower than the port side. Somehow didn't appear to be that much when standing in the boat. It's now within 1/8" of level side to side and fore and aft. I think that's good 'nuff for the girls I go with!  :-)
Baseline at Frame E
Apologize for the crappy pics. I was messing with the camera settings to try to get the laser but the flash kept washing it out. Anywho, this is the baseline at Frame E which is essentially the middle of the boat. I use it for my main reference. All measurements on the plans are taken off the baseline so it's important to have it marked.
Water level
I don't rely solely on the laser level. I checked everything with the ole' water level. You can just make out here how much higher the starboard side is than the port side.
My 'Cylon' Laser Eye Level
Had to fabricate a plate to hold the laser on this tripod arrangement. The laser came with a crappy tripod that couldn't stand up to the rigors of boat building. Anywho, the setup I bodged together works great. Accuracy is high within the limits of the boat hull. Great way to check & recheck levels & plumbs.

Port side aft glass laid up ready for goop
Once all that dickerin' about was finished I got down to the main job, fiberglassing the port side aft.
Starting the wet out
I pre-coated the bare plywood with a neat coat of epoxy before starting to roll on the epoxy.
Moving right along
Picked up some 6" nappy rollers at Lowes the other day. Much nicer than the 4" sausage foam rollers. Made quick work of this section which is 18' 6" long and 38" wide. Made the midway mark in about 40 minutes!  :-)
In total took me about an hour and 40 minutes and consumed 1-1/2 gallons of epoxy! A wee bit under my original estimate of 3 hrs and 2 gals.  :-)

Tomorrow I'll clean up all the crap that's accumulated on the port side of the boat and start prep on the port side for the bottom & side & transom fiberglass.